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Department of Education Open Data And APIs

I am working on a variety of projects in federal government. To support all my work, I setup an organization for each group I work with, as a Github project, then I proceed to setup each project underneath this organizational umbrella as individual project repos.

This is my project repository for any work I'm doing around Department of Education open data and APIs. Currently I have one project that I've pushed out the door:

I will be putting any of the projects that I do for the Department of Education here. As I do with my other projects I will add entries to tell the story of the work, in the updates section.

All content is licensed creative commons CC-BY and any code is available under an MIT license.

This is a work in progress, meant to understand how to best work with Department of Education data and APIs, if you have feedback leave comments below.

This site is not an official Department of Education project, Kin Lane(@kinlane) is solely responsible for its contents.